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DragSox® are the iconic resistance training device designed to increase and maximize power, endurance, strength and speed in a swimmer's kick, enhancing overall performance.

DragSox unique design allows the swimmer to maintain natural body position and balance with complete freedom of movement.

DragSox are one size fits all. They come in 3 degrees of resistance: 30-introductory, 45-hard and 60-hardest.

We highly recommend starting with DragSox 30 or DragSox 45.

- USPS Priority Mail
- 2-3 business days within the USA
- 5-10 business days outside the USA

EU Customers:
- Local EU shipping

Australian Customers:
- Contact for cheaper shipping rates

- Try Before You Buy USA
- Try Before You Buy Europe
- We will ship to your hotel

- Teams training with DragSox

Sample Workouts:
- Workout sets contributed by coaches